Amanda T.

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MA in Linguistics - Northeastern Illinois University
TEFL, IELTS Trainer Cert.

Amanda T. Bio

I am a native English speaker from Chicago in the Midwest region of the United States.

I have experience teaching English as a second language to young children, adolescents, and adults of all skill levels. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in the study of French Language, Literature, and Culture.

While earning this degree, I spent a semester studying abroad in France. This started my lifelong love of travel! I have visited 46 countries so far, and I hope to visit 60 countries before I turn 30.

I earned my Master’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University in the study of Linguistics in 2015, where I spent two years learning how people learn languages, the best way to acquire a second or third language, and how language works in the mind.

Last year, I lived in France where I worked as an English teacher at two middle schools where I created and implemented my own lesson plans. During this time, I also worked as a private English tutor for children and adults. I also have experience as a French language tutor.

I received my TEFL certification in 2016 and became a certified IELTS trainer in 2017. I’m knowledgeable in many areas of foreign language acquisition, and I can offer specific guidance in helping students on their journey to English fluency. I have a specific ability to notice errors in grammar, semantics, syntax, and phonetics.