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BA in Political Science
San Francisco State University

David N. Bio

Greetings everyone! My name is David, and I am from Sacramento, California. I grew up adjacent to the American river parkway area, which is teeming with wildlife like salmon, otters, coyotes, wild turkeys, skunks, raccoons, and the occasional mountain lion!

I graduated with a degree in political science from San Francisco State University, and worked as a public service aide for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission before embarking to the Hawaiian islands! In the big island of Hawaii and Maui, I volunteered as an organic farmer travelling to rural areas and learning how to grow various tropical and European crops. During this time, I also started my own small scale farming operation with a partner, and was successful in selling produce to a local organic food restaurant in Maui: it was a wonderful experience!
I loved my time in Hawaii, but after awhile I desired a new experience/challenge and decided to venture to Taiwan to teach English. I was honored and extremely thrilled to teach Taiwanese students of all ages from kindergarten to postgraduate level in my 3.5 year time abroad. It was in Taiwan where I realized my passion for teaching, and helping students to develop their English ability.

Now, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland where my Scottish wife and I are raising our 3-month old girl in the beautiful scenic countryside! Here in Edinburgh, I lecture environmental policy at the Scottish rural college and in my spare time try to play basketball and travel in Europe. I am looking forward to meeting you soon and helping you to become a more confident English speaker!