Harvey S.

Harvey S. 講師のプロフィール




MS in International Development  - University of Bath

BA in Near Eastern Study -  Cornell University 





Haevey Bio.

Hello. My name is Harvey and I am originally from New York City. I’ve been teaching
for over 16 years and have tutored students around the world. I have taught in Austria, Canada,
Egypt, England, Morocco, the United States, and Yemen, and have been fortunate to live, work,
and study in many different countries. Most recently I spent a year in Vancouver, teaching English
to business professionals and students. Over the years, I have discovered that learning
new languages can be the best and most enjoyable way to understand new cultures,
and I look forward to helping you toward your own language learning goals.
I am currently a lecturer at a small liberal arts college in Indiana, teaching religious studies
to undergraduate students, helping them think and write, clearly and critically. I am also in
the process of completing a doctorate from Princeton University. When I am not working, traveling
or walking my dog Max, I love going to the movies, out to eat, or just staying home with my family
and reading a good book.