Skylynn L.

Skylynn 講師

BA in Psychology - Clemson University


Hello, everyone, my name is Skyelynn. You can call me Skyla for short. I’m an American woman with over 7 years of ESL/EOL teaching experience and a lover of language learning myself. In addition to being a native speaker of American English, I have studied several languages including Japanese, and I speak French and Mandarin fluently. I can also get by in Spanish pretty okay. My academic background is in psychology, and I’m looking to return to school in about a year to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate degree in counseling and therapy and then go on to offer multilingual counseling services. I am also deeply interested in biomimicry and sustainable design and wish to combine these fields with my practice of psychology in the future.

When I’m not occupied with the community organizing and advocacy work that I do currently, I enjoy music, spending time with my cat “Brave Little Toaster”, photography, cooking, and going on bike rides around the beautiful city where I live, Charleston, SC. If you’re wondering, I grew up in South Carolina but my family is from New England, so I don’t speak with a Southern accent, just standard American English with no regional accent. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!