USMLE STEP 2 CS 担当講師からのメッセージ

One thing I have worked on is making the situation realistic as possible. For each case, I did what the doctor-student asked me to. This helped the student because they could do the exam part in a more realistic manner than in a theoretical one.

I could offer them my ideas on how it would be done in the US versus Japan. For example, talking about sexual matters is difficult in Japan. However, in the US, doctors ask them if they think it is important for the diagnosis. I worked on how to ask those questions the right way. Going over typical American medicines really helped them - most Americans will mention the brand name they use, not the medicine name.

Through this work, I could see doctor-student confidence increase a lot. The student could feel comfortable walking into an examination room, talking with a patient, and giving the best advice they could - all in another language. That confidence made them feel proud and more determined to succeed.